John Terry reveals one Chelsea star who never fulfilled at Stamford Bridge

CHELSEA have become a big umbrella for many players with many fulfilling their potential while some could not achieve much.

Now one of the legends of the club, John Terry, has revealed the club’s former academy player, Rob Woolaston, as the Blues star that never fulfilled his potential at Stamford Bridge.

According to Terry, Woolaston, a former Chelsea winger, called in sick on the day of his first-team debut under Ruud Gullit.

Terry made his Chelsea first-team debut at the age of 17 in 1998.

The former England international then played for Aston Villa for one season in 2017-18 before joining the coaching staff at Villa Park.

When asked about players who never fulfilled their potential at Chelsea, Terry was quoted by Daily Mail as saying: “Probably a boy called Rob Woolaston at Chelsea.

“He was like a midfielder/winger, had so much ability. I still know Rob now, but mentally didn’t have that to go and push himself.”

Terry added, “He got chosen to train with the first team at a really young age, 17 or 18, did really well and (Ruud) Gullit told him he was going to play in the first team in a cup game.

“He then phoned up on the day of the game and said he was sick. All of us, if we were sick or felt like we were at the end of the world, we would have still gone and played the game, we wouldn’t have given up that opportunity.

“He has actually done it two or three times and he was just not mentally ready for the game, but ability-wise, incredible.”

Woolaston did not progress to achieve more in the game.

He was playing for non-league Harrow Borough back in 2012

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