Chelsea should forget about EPL title this season and focus on two other trophies

Chelsea successfully won the Champions League last season and they are hoping to clinch the English Premier League this season.

Chelsea are still in the third spot in the English Premier League table one point below Liverpool and five points to catch Manchester City.

The defending Champions, Manchester City humiliated Leeds United on Tuesday as they beat them 7-0..

Thomas Tuchel’s squad has suffered many injury woes and have not not been impressive lately. Tuchel should focused on other trophies and not trying to stretch his squad in competing with Liverpool and Manchester City.

Apart from the English Premier League, there are other trophies Chelsea could fight for this season.

The club world cup could be a a trophy that Chelsea could win this season. If Tuchel could focus attention on the competition, it could be an addition to the club.

Apart from the Club World Cup, Tuchel could still fight and win the EFL CUP otherwise known as Carabao Cup.

FA cup is another trophy Chelsea could win this season and if there is support towards that, the Blues could end up with about two trophies this season.

Should Tuchel still be stretching his squad amid injury worries to fight for the English Premier League? Or he should focus on other trophies?

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