Why Conor Gallagher will not return to Chelsea

Chelsea loanee Conor Gallagher is currently enjoying himself at Crystal Palace after an impressive run with the club in the ongoing English Premier League.

Gallagher has been able to impressed Chelsea fans that he deserves a place in Thomas Tuchel’s squad. He gas equally convince his manager at Crystal Palace, Patrick Viera.

While Chelsea fans will be rooting for him to return to Stamford Bridge, the Palace coaching crew are working so hard to convince the Youngster to stay hack at Crystal Palace.

They will do everything possible to keep the player at their arena.

Why Gallagher may not return to Chelsea

Thomas Tuchel is not keen about bringing the lad back to Stamford Bridge and that informs while he was allowed to leave on loan. Tuchel has many players available for him to use and it seems Gallagher fails to convince him to always play him.

Another reason why Gallagher may not return to Stamford Bridge is that Crystal Palace want him more than Chelsea and they have started to launch a special fund for his permanent transfer from Stamford Bridge.

Golden Goal NG understands also that Patrick Viera disclosed that they will be willing to enter serious discussion with Chelsea at the end of the expiration of the loan deal.

Chelsea fans could see another fine player in Conor Gallagher leaving Stamford Bridge.

Would you love to see Gallagher back to Chelsea or should continue to play for Crystal Palace?

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