Where To Watch Aston Villa vs Chelsea Live Streaming In Nigeria, Ghana, UK And USA

Football fans in Nigeria, UK, USA and the rest of the world cannot miss the English Premier League clash between Aston Villa and Chelsea as Golden Goal NG will guide on how to watch the match online, TV channels and more.

Aton Villa vs Chelsea game will give maximum entertainment for football lovers across the globe.

Where Are They In League Table?

Let’s take a look at their current performance for 2021/2022 season to have an idea  of the fixture.

Chelsea are better placed compared to Aston Villa. Chelsea now in the top four, they seat comfortably on third in the league with 38 points and Aston Villa so far have 22 points as both teams have played 18 games.

What Time Is The Match Between Aston Villa vs Chelsea?

The matchday 19 of the ongoing English Premier League between Aston Villa vs Chelsea will take place on Boxing day 26th of December 2021. The kick-off time of Aston Villa vs Chelsea is Sunday, 18:30.

Aston Villa vs Chelsea TV Channels in Nigeria.

Nigerians who want to watch Aston Villa vs Chelsea should hook up to Super Sport to catch the game live. Fan can catch English Premier League live matches  through the SuperSport . That is your passport to see the match live.

Will GOTV Show The Match

Since MultiChoice is the owner of both DSTV and GOTV it is sure that you can catch the game live through the platforms.

Will SuperSport Show the Match Between Aston Villa vs Chelsea?

Yes SuperSport has the right to cover the live matches of the English Premier League.. SuperSport Channels can be found on DSTV and GOTV cable. The subscribers of these two TV cables can watch the match live.

SuperSport has dedicated channel for the English Premier League and it will be available for the live coverage of the match. There are other channels for La Liga, Serie A and others where live matches will be viewed.  Most West African fans and South Africans can hook up with SuperSport on different channels to watch the match Aston Villa vs Chelsea LIVE.

Which Ghana Channels Will Show Aston Villa vs Chelsea?

Football lovers in Ghana will watch Aston Villa vs Chelsea live in HD channels and live streaming options are also available.

TV3 Ghana will be available to bring Aston Villa vs Chelsea live to sports loving Ghanians.

GTV Sports+, Adom TV and Max TV are the others will teamed up to bring the live match to the fans in the motherland.

Watch Aston Villa vs Chelsea in the UK

How to watch Aston Villa vs Chelsea LIVE in the UK?. There are various ways the United Kingdom can watch the match between Aston Villa vs Chelsea in the United Kingdom you can explore the best option suitable for you.

Today’s match will be available for fans in the UK  on BT Sport 1 and the BT Sport App. It will be broadcast live and you can hook up to watch the match.

Watch Aston Villa vs Chelsea on Sky Sport

Sky Sports will show the match live for the United Kingdom fans and everywhere in the world if you can stream live Sky Sports online.

How to watch in the United State

The Premier League game between Chelsea vs Everton Will air on NBCSN, so followers of the game can hook up to catch it live.

Also fans in the United State can hook up to CNBC TV channel to watch the match between Aston Villa vs Chelsea. You can also watch live streaming on NBC sport.

In the United States, five of the ten matches for the weekend will be available on cable TV channels, others will be available on Peacock Premium.

Other channels available for USA fans are:

Fanatiz USA


Where to Watch Aston Villa vs Chelsea  Live Streaming

Aston Villa vs Chelsea can be streamed live online as internet provides various platforms in which fans and followers of football can enjoy their live matches.

Social media platforms can also be a good source to see Aston Villa vs Chelsea as the link will be leaked online as soon as the match begins and if you have data you can be part of this wonderful match in the ongoing English Premier League.

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