Antonio Conte’s role in Lukaku’s saga at Chelsea

Antonio Conte coached Romelu Lukaku at Inter Milan and the Belgian striker was on top of his game for the Serie A giants.

The improvement of Lukaku at Inter cannot be over emphasized as he shelves a lot of weight and was able to revamp his career winningthe league with Inter..

Conte left Inter immediately helping his team to triumph and Lukaku rejoined the English Premier League side, CHELSEA.

Conte now also back to English Premier League coaching Tottenham Hotspur.

It is true that Lukaku has not been able to replicate his goal scoring from at Stamford Bridge. But injury and coronavirus added to his frustration at the club.

The Belgian striker is always looking to do his best all the time and not being on top of his game for the Blues got to him.

It all started when his coach at Inter think that Thomas Tuchel has not been using Lukaku in the area of his strength. But Tuchel has been able to make his point clear that Lukaku is playing top 9 at Chelsea and he is not being used out of position.

Golden Goal NG believes that Lukaku is playing as top striker and that is the only position available for him. There’s the need for patience and the goals will be coming soon.

Conte’s criticism about how Tuchel is using Lukaku at Chelsea contributed to the frustration and outburst of Romelu Lukaku.

But now his apology has been accepted and he is more committed now to do his best for the club he cherish very much.

Is Conte right by saying that Lukaku is being played out of position in Chelsea?


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