Check the amount Abramovich is selling Chelsea to the new owner

Roman Abrahamovic is now ready to part ways with the Stamford Bridge outfit, Chelsea after the unrest that is ongoing between Russia and Ukraine.

The Russian billionaire is reportedly willing to sell Chelsea for £2 billion pounds and have reportedly offered the club to 3 potential buyers.

In about four or five days, there might be a bid coming in for Chelsea FC.

In a bid to avoid more sanctions from the United Kingdom, Roman Abrahamovic is willing to sell his assets, with the Stamford Bridge club inclusive in the sale.

The news of the Chelsea sale will be a bit devastating for the fans of Chelsea who have seen the Russian billionaire as a brand for the club.

It was known that the United Kingdom had placed sanctions on the Russian billionaire after he was linked as an ally to President Vladimir Putin.

Roman Abrahamovic fears he might lose his stakes in England and therefore he is willing to sell them before such happens.

Roman Abrahamovic was handed over the daily running of the club to the Charity Foundation, made up of the 6 trustees of the club.

However, the Charity Foundation are yet to take over proceedings, with some reportedly willing to quit the caretaker role at the club.

Hansjorg Wyss, a Swiss billionaire has been reported amongst those who have been contacted to buy the club.

Roman Abrahamovic took ownership of the club in 2003 and has led the club to winning virtually all the trophies the club could win in competitions and has been regarded highly by the Blues fans.

However, with the on going Russia invasion against Ukraine, Chelsea might not be considered for present and future investments if Roman Abrahamovic still remain as the head the club because of his alleged relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Having a new owner at Chelsea might mark the birth of a new start for the Blues, something that wasn’t considered happening in the near future.

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