New Chelsea Owner: Abramovich reportedly ready to sell Chelsea to 86-year-old Billionaire

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is reported to be seriously considering the sale of the club for the first time in his nineteen years of ownership of the club, as all his assets in England are under threats of being frozen by the British government.

The 55 years old is seen as one of the Russian oligarchs, related to the Russian government which recently lunched an attack on Ukraine, and in a bid to punish Russia, the British government aims to sanction all Russian assets in the country that could affect the Russian government.

Roman Abramovich is also reported to be a close adviser to the Russian president Putin, which puts him more at risk of facing heavy sanctions from the British government.

According to reports, the fear of Abramovich’s assets to be frozen by the British government is making the Chelsea owner to be considering a quick sale of his properties in UK, and it is also believe that the Chelsea owner will receive offers from interested parties for the purchase of Chelsea in the next couple of days or weeks.

So in this article, we will be talking about the billionaire who has shown interest in the potential purchase of the Stamford Bridge club from Roman Abramovich.

Hansjorg Wyss

Hansjorg Wyss is a Swiss billionaire businessman and donor to politically liberal and environmental causes in the United States. He is the founder and the former president and chairman of Synthes USA, a medical device manufacturer. His Wyss Foundation has more than $2 billion in assets. As of 2021, Wyss had a net worth of $5.8 billion, according to Forbes.

The 86 years old claims to have received an offer with three other persons to buy Chelsea from Roman Abramovich on Tuesday, in an interview he gave with ”Blick”, he further stated that the money which the Chelsea owner is demanding for is two much, but that he is still looking at the whole thing, and that if he is to buy Chelsea, he won’t be doing it alone, he would be doing it together with some other people.

Chelsea is reported to be worth close to $2 billion, and could even cost more to any potential buyer, due to the fact that Chelsea football club are still in debt of the loan granted to the club by the owner, which the potential buyer would also have to compensate Abramovich for.

As of 2017, Wyss ranked 281 on the Forbes list of billionaires, with an estimated net worth of approximately $5.5 billion. He ranks number 235 on the Bloomberg list of billionaires.

In some couple of days, it would become clearer if Roman Abramovich would sell the club, or still try to hold on to it.

Should Roman Abramovich Sell or try to hold on to the club at this critical moment?

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