“It doesn’t make sense”, All trophies won by Chelsea under Abramovich, FA told what to do

Stan Collymore, a former Liverpool player, has urged the English FA to strip Chelsea of all the trophies they have won thanks to Roman Abramovich’s money.

The move by the UK government to freeze Abramovich’s assets over his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Collymore, calls into doubt all of Chelsea’s successes under the 55-year-two-decade old’s ownership.

He queried how the 21 championships won with Abramovich’s roubles could be allowed to remain if Chelsea’s success was predicated on access to “dodgy” money, adding that Juventus had titles revoked for match-fixing.

He feels that punishment should be retroactive, as it is for doping and match-fixing offenses.

“So the issue now needs to be raised if Chelsea’s loans, access to ‘dodgy’ money, and penalties against its principal source of financing for the past 20 years are now rubber-stamped,” Collymore wrote on Twitter. How do championships earned over this time span hold up?

“Is it true that the British government only found out today that Abramovich is a Putin acolyte?” Isn’t it true that the last 20 years were a waste of time? Who is in charge of security? Clouseau, Inspector?

“When RA bought the club, there were conditions tied to his passion for the team. An oligarch is a wealthy individual who controls a large amount of money. You can’t separate the team from the oligarch because he is directly responsible for the team’s success.

“If medals are taken away because of doping, would trophies be taken away as well?”

“If someone doped at the Olympics 30 years ago, they’d still be stripped of their medal today.”

“As a result, a logical question to consider is whether retroactive punishment is appropriate.”

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