Tuchel reveals why Chelsea can’t fly to play FA Cup quarter final against Midlesbrough

High and constant fliers Chelsea will go by bus to Middlesbrough  on Saturday for their FA Cup Quarterfinal clash Coach Thomas Tuchel has confirmed

The reality of the impact of Chelsea’s sanctions will be in full effect on Saturday as the club are unable to fly to Middlesbrough and back for their FA Cup quarter-final. Instead, they will have to take a 10-hour bus journey comprising 836 miles from their Cobham training base in Surry to Riverside Stadium.

The Blues are still reeling from the British government’s decision last Thursday due to their owner Roman Abramovich’s close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin

And those sanctions will hit the first team over the weekend with restrictions on their ability to travel to games.

Chelsea’s next game will be against France’s Lille in the Champions League of the last 16 on Wednesday night. However, with travel arrangements before the sanctions were enforced, those plans may remain intact.

Saturday’s trip to Middlesbrough in the FA Cup is the first game to be affected as plans were not ready for sanctions, hence the 10-hour bus tour pending.

The Stamford Bridge team have been told that the £20,000 cap imposed by the UK government on travel costs per match will not cover the cost of hiring a plane to take them to Riverside Stadium.

Ahead of Wednesday night’s Champions League match of the last 16 in Lille’s second leg, Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel confirmed that their preparations will differ once their trip to France comes to an end.

“We want to find solutions, we want to play the game on Saturday as much as we want to play in the Champions League,” he said.

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