Tuchel to Man United: Chelsea manager finally reveals next move to Blues fans

Thomas Tuchel has downplayed speculation that he could take over as manager of Manchester United, insisting that he has “enough of reasons to stay” at Chelsea despite the club’s off-field issues.

Thomas Tuchel dismisses rumors of a move to Manchester United, saying he has “plenty of reasons to stay” at Chelsea
In the aftermath of penalties imposed on Russian owner Roman Abramovich, Tuchel’s future at Stamford Bridge has been called into question, with Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher leading demands for United to make a play for him.

However, the Blues manager has expressed his wish to remain at the club, claiming that it provides him with “everything he requires to make me happy.”

Tuchel remarked in a press conference before Chelsea’s FA Cup quarter-final against Middlesbrough, “Actually no reaction at all [to the rumours].” “Do you think I’m less dedicated to the club or less involved in it? Certainly not.

“I’ve stated many times that I enjoy being here, and this club provides me with all I require to be happy. There’s no need for it. We have a lot of reasons to stay right now.

“I give it my all, and I’ve felt the love here at the club since the beginning. That gives me a sense of security, and I do my best to fulfill my role and move things ahead.”

“I believe it’s realistic in the sense that if you’re Manchester United, why wouldn’t you ask that?” Carragher went on to say. “Because of Chelsea’s current dilemma, other teams will be looking at their situation in terms of players or managers in the future; it’s the nature of the beast.

“He’s one of the best managers in the world, and Manchester United is on the lookout for one, but I believe he’s gone out and stated that he’s devoted to the club, and I’m confident that’s what he’s got to say.

“However, Chelsea is in an uncertain situation because the ownership situation will not be known until the end of the season.

Thomas Tuchel dismisses rumors of a move to Manchester United, saying he has “plenty of reasons to stay” at Chelsea
“As a new owner, he is without a doubt the most vital individual to maintain in place. They have a person in Thomas Tuchel who can compete with Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola, whether it’s in this league or the Champions League, and there are very few of them in world football. And those managers are hard to come by at the moment.”

Despite the fact that 200 different parties have expressed interest in the club, Tuchel insists that no matter who follows Abramovich as owner, he will endeavor to maintain the current culture at Chelsea.

“I’m an employee, so I’m prepared to do my job and adapt,” Thomas Tuchel added. “Let’s see what happens next. It is an uncertain period, and uncertainty can cause dread in some people, which is perfectly acceptable.

“But we can also put our faith in the club’s culture, as well as what we have here in Cobham and the group’s talent. We can put our faith in it and hope for the best. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that everything will turn out well. That would be a great plus if they [the incoming owners] enjoy winning.”

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