Why Roman Abramovich could stop the sale of Chelsea

Roman Abramovich had all his assets frozen by the UK government, after he was listed to be among the Russian Oligarch on the UK government sanction list, over the Russia’s continuous invasion of Ukraine.

Prior to the sanction on Roman Abramovich, the Chelsea owner placed the club on sale, which the process of the sale has been given the green light by the UK government to continue, despite the sanction on Russian, just that the proceeds from the sales won’t go to the Russian billionaire.

An American based merchant bank, known as the Raine Group has been placed in charge to oversee the sale process of the club, which is going on well so far.

The first stage of the auction, saw a lot of bids submitted to Raine Group for the club, but were whittled down to four parties, after evaluating the bids from interested parties. The four parties who passed the first stage has been asked by the Raine Group to submit a revised bid for the club, on or before the 11 of April, before one of them who be named as the new owner of the club.

The Raine Group expects a new owner to be announced before the end of April, which is about a month from now.

Meanwhile, Roman Abramovich’s sanction by the UK government could be lifted before the sale of the club could be completed, as reports claims that the Russian billionaire is already fostering a peace talk between the Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, which could lead to the end of the war between both countries.

A question has been raised whether Roman Abramovich would still go ahead to sell Chelsea, if the.sanction placed on him by the UK government is uplifted

In this article, we will be writing on whether Roman Abramovich would go back on his decision to sell the club, if the sanction placed on him is relieved before the completion of the sales process of the Chelsea.

The chances of Roman Abramovich going back on his decision to sell the club is very slim, at this current stage of the sales process, which has gone past the first stage of selecting the preferred buyers, and preferred bidders has been asked to submit a revised bid for the club before the 11 of April.

Lawfully, an offer and acceptance has already taken place by both the seller and the interested parties, which would make it almost impossible to back out from the sale process.

Roman Abramovich offered to sell the club on specific conditions, and an acceptance of the offer was met by the interested parties, by submitting an official bid to buy the club, even though the Raine Group are yet to pick the one party that would succeed Roman Abramovich as the owner of the club, it is almost impossible to back out from the sale at this point.

Which means even if the sanction of Roman Abramovich is lifted at this moment, he might not be able to go back on the sales process of the club.

If it is possible to go back on the sales process of the club, would you prefer Roman Abramovich to continue as the owner of the club, if the sanction is uplifted?

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