Tuchel speaks on his next move after Chelsea’s embarrassing 4-1 defeat to Brentford

Thomas Tuchel and his CHELSEA squad suffered an unexpectedly and embarrassing defeat to Brentford at Stamford Bridge, losing 4-1 in the process.

Tuchel has dismissed the impact on the Real Madrid game in the Champions League next week, but Chelsea fans are worried the team is not prepared to face the Whites.

But Thomas Tuchel remains confident and promises he and his staff will analyse why the Brentford game went so wrong for Chelsea.

“It seems like it,” Tuchel told Sky Sports when asked if the defeat was ‘a blip’.

“After so many wins and good results, I will now refuse to make a drama out of this. Brentford made a lot of the ten minutes we gave them.

“We will dig in and try to find out why it’s like this. We will analyse and digest it. It’s hard to take and it’s unusual what happened today.

“It is not about Real Madrid. It is about us. It is one day off now and on Monday we start again.”

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